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O projecto Food Trends encontra-se em candidatura ao programa LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME / LEONARDO DA VINCI. The goal of the project Food Trends is to form a learning partnership on new trends in the food sector. The involved partners should discuss topics as functional food, fast casual, mood food, etc. As an output of this discussion process concepts and projects proposal for future collaborations in the food sector, especially for projects in the life long learning program, will be elaborated. Beside these concepts/project proposals a common conference on trends in the food sector will be organized. To summarize it, the main aim of this project is to get known each other in order to develop future collaborations amongst the topic trends in the food sector. In order to reach this goal, we will hand in a learning partnership in the frame of the Leonardo program.
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Estudo de Mercados Internacionais Prioritários

No âmbito do projeto PROMOFOOD - Promoção Internacional do Setor Agro-Industrial da Região, foram realizados pelo AGROCLUSTER três estudos considerados prioritários para a fileira agroindustrial, nomeadamente:

1- Estudo estratégico para identificação dos mercados internacionais prioritários para a fileira agroindustrial;

2- Estudo dos quatro mercados internacionais prioritários – Identificação de potenciais importadores;

3- Identificação das tendências de consumo nos quatro mercados prioritários.





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